Daniele de Grazia
Ph.D. Student

Room 730/731, Huxley

Daniele De Grazia obtained a BSc in Aerospasce Engineering in 2008 at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on “Theoretical performances of fuel formulation based on Paraffine/Polybutadiene for hybrid rocket engines”.

In 2012 he obtained a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano with a  thesis on “Hybrid optimisation CFD-BEM of a wind turbine rotor”.

Since June 2012, Daniele De Grazia is a Phd student in the Department of Aeronautics under the supervision of Prof. Spencer Sherwin and Dr. Peter Vincent. He is part of the LFC-UK group funded by EPSRC, Airbus and EADS-IW and based in the Department of Mathematics.

His research is focused on  high-order methods for compressible fluid flow with particular interest to aeronautical field and laminar-turbulent transition.

Mengaldo G., De Grazia D., et al.,  A Guide to the Implementation of Boundary Conditions in Compact High-Order Methods for Compressible Aerodynamics, AIAA, 2014 (publication)

De Grazia D., Mengaldo G., Moxey D., Vincent P.E., Sherwin S.J.  Connections between the discontinuous Galerkin method and high-order flux reconstruction schemes, IJNMF, 2014 (publication)