Welcome to the SherwinLab website

The SherwinLab research group is based on the Department of Aeronautics of Imperial College London.

We focus on the development and application of parallel spectral/hp element techniques for solving partial differential equations.

Currently, we are applying these techniques using direct numerical simulation, implicit large eddies simulation and stability analysis to a range of applications including biomedical flows and separated/bluff body flows of relevance to offshore engineering and vehicle aerodynamics. We are also expanding the capabilities of the high-order compressible module and developing novel flow simulation methods.

Code development

Nektar++ logo

The group uses and develop several variants of the C/C++ spectral/hp element method code Nektar++. Collaboration with researchers at the Universities of Utah and Exeter and around the world, aims to make the spectral/hp element method, available on Nektar++ framekwork, accessible and detailed for the anyone interested.

Details of the Nektar++ package can be found under in this publication.